In "classic" Baldur's Gate, the quest A Rogue Ogre is commonly referred to as Unshey's Belt or Unshey's Girdle of Piercing.[1] You receive this quest from Unshey herself, simply by speaking to her, on the second floor of The Friendly Arm. With a Charisma score of 10-12, you need a reputation of at least 7 to receive this quest. Otherwise, some combination of higher Charisma, higher Reputation and/or a Friends spell will be required.


On her way to the Friendly Arm Inn, Unshey, an author, was intercepted by an Ogre with a 'fetish for girdles,' and was forced to give up her new Elves' Bane to get away with her life.

Unshey even tried offering the ogre a signed copy of her new book, History of Tethyr, but unfortunately the ogre only wanted her belt.


The ogre in question is found on the east side of the Coast Way area. Slay the ogre and collect his belts.

Speak to Unshey on the second floor of the Friendly Arm Inn, she will take back her belt of piercing.

Unshey only wants the Elves' Bane, you are left with the Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity.

Girdle of Piercing CBELT04 Description image BG1

The fabled Elves' Bane.


The "standard" reward for returning Unshey's belt to her is 800 xp & 70 gp.

With a Reputation of 11 and a Charisma score of 16, or some combination of a not too terribly low Reputation and Charisma, possibly with a Friends spell, you can instead receive 800 xp, 95 gp and a copy of her History of Tethyr.

Note 1: Remember, it's up to you whether you complete the quest. If you think the belt is worth more than Unshey's reward, don't return it to her. An Elves' Bane would cost you 2,250 gp to buy in a shop, if anyone sold it, which they do not.

Note 2: In most, perhaps all, versions of BG1 and BG:EE this quest is widely reputed to be bugged, and cannot be completed under some circumstances. It may simply be time-sensitive. If you really want to complete the quest, hunt down the ogre and return the girdle to Unshey before you go to Beregost. For most versions of the game, there is a mod[2]Unfinished Business which will un-bug this and other side quests.


  • Triggered By: Speaking with Unshey.
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: A Rogue Ogre
  • Entry Title: A Rogue Ogre
  • Quest Begins:
    According to a dwarven cleric by the name of Unshey, a rogue ogre with a belt fetish is making a name for himself just south of the Friendly Arm Inn. As Unshey claims to be an author, maybe she'd give me a copy of her book if I can get her girdle of piercing back...
  • Quest Complete: Special, morphs into one of A Fair Reward , Bathtime? or A Practical Reward:

A Fair RewardEdit

  • Triggered By: Return to Unshey with the Elves' Bane.
  • Journal Section: Done Quests
  • Quest Title: A Fair Reward
  • Entry Title: A Fair Reward
  • Quest Complete:
    One dead ogre equals 95 gold pieces. Unshey claims to be a writer, but it sure is hard to argue with her math.


For unknown reasons, possibly low Reputation, this quest may instead end with a lesser reward and an insult:

  • Triggered By: Return to Unshey with the Elves' Bane .
  • Journal Section: Done Quests
  • Quest Title: Bathtime?
  • Entry Title: Bathtime?
  • Quest Complete:
    Unshey isn't the most charismatic person I've ever met. She gave me 70 gold pieces for returning her girdle, but only after informing me that 60 of those were to go towards my bathing fund.

A Practical RewardEdit

The quest may even end with no reward at all, except the cursed girdle:

  • Triggered By: Return to Unshey with the Elves' Bane .
  • Journal Section: Done Quests
  • Quest Title: A Practical Reward
  • Entry Title: A Practical Reward
  • Quest Complete:
    Unshey left the ogre's other girdle to us, but it seems to be cursed to transform its wearer into the opposite gender. Perhaps not everyone would consider that a curse, come to think of it.