Aataqah's Question is a side quest that can be acquired very early in Baldur's Gate II. Aataqah tests the nobility and moral integrity of Gorion's Ward through a hypothetical question.

The questionEdit

“You and your sibling are captured and locked in separate cells, unable to communicate. The mage responsible appears and speaks. He explains his sadistic game: In each cell there is a magical button. If you Press your button and your sibling does not, you will die and your sibling is free. If your sibling presses the button and you do not, they will die but you will go free. If neither you nor your sibling press the buttons, both of you will die. If both of you press your respective buttons, both of you will die. The mage says that you have one turn of the hour glass to decide your action.”


If you choose to push the button, you will be congratulated by Ataqah and fight a weak Ogre Mage as well as a 3500 XP bonus.

If you choose NOT to push the button, you will be considered a coward by him and will fight four panicked gibberlings.

Either way, Aataqah will tell you to seek out Rielev saying that he can help you escape.

The player can also refuse to answer the question and the Genie will leave with nothing to give.

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