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Abilities are the 'stats' or sometimes 'attributes' of other games, although they are based on D&D stats, which game was the progenitor of the stats system: Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Abilities are required by certain classes; the computer handles this by never rolling those numbers lower than the requirements, which skews the totals somewhat.

The abilities screen at Character Generation is weighted in favor of 'secondary' classes that have high attribute requirements. These numbers are always a set amount, and can only be equal to or higher than that, and the other numbers are rolled as normal, rather than being adjusted (it can be compared with a magic weapon; a +1 dagger will do 2-5 damage instead of 1-4; the +1 is the threshold that attributes cannot go under)

The computer will never roll stats lower than the requirement for the selected class; no stat can ever be lower than 3 at character generation, and Intelligence can never be lower than 4, so the computer will never roll numbers lower than 3, or lower than 4 Int

In general, then, it can be said that the lower the requirements, the lower the ability rolls will be, although this is within a range of 10 or so ability points out of around 85-95 ability points in total. The requirements are, for the 'primary' classes:

Fighter Cleric Mage Thief Ranger Druid Bard
Strength 9 13
Dexterity 6 6 6 9 13 6 12
Constitution 6 6 6 6 14 6 6
Intelligence 4 4 9 4 4 4 13
Wisdom 9 14 12
Charisma 15 15

It is usually time-consuming to obtain total ability scores near or above 90.

Specialist Mages: an interesting group of requirements, adding other attributes to the expected Int:

Abjurer Conjurer Diviner Necromancer Enchanter Illusionist Invoker Transmuter
Dexterity 6 16 15
Constitution 15 16
Intelligence 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
Wisdom 15 16 16
Charisma 16

Multi-class characters have requirements that are combinations of their two classes, which are not, of course, cumulative; consequently, they are often redundant with respect to the enhanced stat rolls. More importantly, all of the non-redundant combinations are combinations of classes with low requirements, with the exception of Druid-Fighter, which works out to rolls in between the low-stat requirement group and the high-:

  • Fighter-Cleric, Fighter-Thief, Fighter-Mage, Cleric-Thief, Cleric-Mage, Thief-Mage, Fighter-Mage-Thief, Fighter-Cleric-Mage (no Cleric-Thief-Mage available). Fighter-Druid, Cleric-Ranger

Achievement Edit

Godlike Achieve icon

Godlike Edit

Increase an attribute score to 25.

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