I...I live again?

Achen Dell is a member of Vail's party and can be found as petrified Statue in Felonius Gist's Manor in Baldur's Gate.


Some years ago, the mage Degrodel hired a mercenary for an assault on the home of Ramazith, another mage from Baldur's Gate. Vail, which was his name, put together a small band, consisting of himself and another three fightersAchen Dell, Cailan and Rance – and the conjurer Faizah Tin, with Cailan and Achen being new to their business. It was said that their target would be evil and only worthy of death. Unfortunately for the five, Ramazith was able to defend his tower well with a basilisk, he had under his control, and that creature's terrifying ability to turn flesh to stone. All of them were petrified and later sold by the diabolical mage to a collector as art objects. It was not until Degrodel learnt of a powerful trinket in the allegedly possession of one of the group and another band of mercenaries, that hope might arrive for them, to become relieved from their terrible state.[2][3][4][1]

As a chaotic neutral character, Achen doesn't hesitate to fight the evil. He also has a strong heart for his family, and his only concern after being petrified for such a long time is getting back to them.[1]


  • Searching for Balduran's Helmet
    • During the course of this quest, or by accidentally entering Felonius Gist's Manor, the statue might be revived by Gorion's Ward – he is the fifth and last in the row from left to right. Achen then either immediately leaves the area after a short conversation (if the quest hasn't been obtained), is dismissed or gets reunited with his party. Their fate depends on the Ward's choices during the inquiry with Vail. However, Achen himself doesn't have any knowledge of the helmet's whereabouts and points at his comrades instead.


  • Achen Dell's real name isn't revealed in the game and can only be extrapolated from the game files.
  • His creature file contains some more items, though these haven't a slot assigned and thus aren't accessible: a standard Helmet, a Longbow +1, opposed to the equipped unenchanted one, a further pack of thirty-six Arrows +1, thirty Arrows of Ice and an additional thirty Arrows +2.
  • In the classic version of the game his weapon proficiencies have too many points assigned, regarding his level, though he lacks the spear to make real use of this, wielding a Bastard Sword as melee weapon instead which he's not proficient with.


  • "The last thing I remember some old mage and a funny looking lizard with beady eyes."
  • "Please, I was new to the group and was not party to their plans. They said our target was evil and only worthy of death. I fought in good faith..."
  • "Petrified? For how long? My family will be worried to death! I must get back to them!"
  • "Helm of Balduran? I have no such item. One of my fellows might possess it, but I do not know."


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