Adoy's Enclave is located in area OH2000 which is south of Firewine Bridge. The player must have Neera in their party for Adoy's Enclave to become available. The player will have the choice of fighting all the goblins in this area, or asking them for help. If the player asks for help they will receive guided passage through their camp after which the player can choose to let them live or waging an all out war on them. There is no penalty or reward for killing the goblins or letting them live.

Quests Edit

  • Magreb and Rilsa: This side quest is initiated by talking to the ranger Magreb at coordinates x = 1215, y = 1090, just outside of an old run-down house with a hole in the roof and what looks like the front door on the ground. Like many ruined houses it cannot be entered by the party. He will take the ring and reward you with the 250 XP.

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