Aeger's Hide is enchanted hide armor +3. Like normal hide armor, this armor has negative armor modifiers to stab and slashing attacks, but it has an Armor Class 3 points lower. With a weight of 35 lbs., its 10 lbs. lighter than standard hide armor. Aeger's Hide provides immunity to confusion and a 15% resistance bonus to fire, cold and acid-based damage.


Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

In-game descriptionEdit

This heavy and thick bear hide is all that remains of the fabled Aeger. Several hundred years ago the Aeger, a giant bear, terrorized hundreds of small villages up and down the Sword Coast. The bear was invulnerable to fire, cold or acid. Finally the young men and women of several villages banded together, forming a militia almost two hundred people strong.  The Aeger was surrounded and finally slain. Less than a dozen villagers survived, and they carved the Aeger's hide amongst themselves. Out of one of the pieces this armor was created.

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