Alain lives in the house next door (west side) to the Burning Wizard inn in Beregost. He is expecting guests and does not welcome your intrusion, should you enter his home. All is well so long as you don't speak to him, even when he sees you taking items from the locked chest, but if you initiate dialog three times, six Guards will appear and attack. If you defeat the guards, your reputation will be reduced to near zero, and the game may crash.


  1. Welcome my dear, you are early I— Excuse me. Indeed I was expecting visitors, but none such as you. Begone, before my company arrives. I should not tolerate the mood being ruined by a band of miscreants.
  2. You again?! You have certainly taken an unhealthy interest in my personal affairs. I should like you to make a hasty exit and not return lest I be forced into drastic actions.
  3. I can tolerate no more of your incursions! Dispose of these nosy vermin!