Alatos"Ravenscar" Thuibuld is the leader of the Thieves' Guild in Baldur's Gate.

Side questsEdit

Alatos and the Thieves' GuildEdit

Alatos hires Gorion's Ward and their party to retrieve a the secrets of the creation of Halruaan skyships, comissioned by Resar.

Upon completion of the quest, Resar will thank you and apologize that he must now kill you due to being a potential "loose end" in his dealings with the skyship. Only Resar will attack you, which does not damage your Reputation with the guild (unless you cause collateral damage to any of the thieves while fighting Resar, of course).

If you have completed both quests given to you by Narlen beforehand, he will backstab Resar (in a cutscene) and no fighting will take place.