Aldeth Sashenstar is a nobleman in Baldur's Gate. He's a member of the Merchants' League from the city, vacationing at a Hunting Lodge on the edge of Cloakwood.

The protagonist first meets Aldeth in Cloakwood Lodge outside a hunting cabin with a couple fellow hunters, Palin and Balquo. He will ask the player and their party for protection from some "woodland savages" causing trouble. If you agree to help, this will lead to the eventual confrontation between the hunters and some local druids lead by the arch-druid Seniyad, each group supposedly responsible for the death of a member from the other.

If the player sides with Seniyad, Aldeth's brother Dabron Sashenstar will confront the player in Baldur's Gate Central, rightfully holding the player responsible for his brother's death, though it's unknown how he could possibly know this. If the player sides with Aldeth, he will appear a second time outside the Merchant League's Estate in Baldur's Gate Southwest to ask for your help yet again. If you agree, he will ask you to investigate his business dealings and partners.

Related QuestsEdit

Aldeth and SeniyadEdit

Journal Entry:

I have agreed to help Aldeth Sashenstar, a noble from Baldur's Gate, to fight off a band of savages.

Siding with AldethEdit

Reward: 2000 exp, Potion of Heroism, and a later encounter with Aldeth (see below).
Noteable Loot: 4360 exp, Ring of Animal Friendship
Journal Entry:

Aldeth Sashenstar was so grateful that I fended off the druids that he invited me to visit him at his house in Baldur's Gate.

Siding with SeniyadEdit

Reward: 2000 xp (1000 only with Faldorn in party), and a later encounter with Dabron Sashenstar.
Noteable Loot: 1850 exp, Kondar, Potion of Heroism, Diamond, 1480Goldpieces
Journal Entry:

Siding with the druids, I slew Aldeth Sashenstar. Seniyad was grateful for my help.

Investigating the Merchants' League EstateEdit

Aiding Aldeth in Cloakwood will lead to a second meeting, and a quest, in the city of Baldur's Gate:

Then just follow me into the Merchants' League Estate. You may begin the investigation as soon as you get inside. I shall be waiting for any reports of your progress on the second floor.