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Alora is a Chaotic Good halfing thief found in the Halls of Wonder after 8 PM. She will join the party in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition with no quest needed, but she will have three short conversations before offering to join.  She will most likely be encountered during Larceny at the Hall of Wonders She always has the following items in her inventory when joining: a dagger, studded leather vest and her lucky charm, which cannot be removed from her.

As a halfling with 12 Constitution, Alora receives a -3 bonus on saves against Death, Spells and Wands. 

In the original game her rabbit's foot provides no bonuses. However, in the enhanced edition of the game it grants the following bonuses. 

– Armor Class: +2

– Saving Throws: +2

– Find Traps: +10%

– Pick Pockets: +10%

– Move Silently: +10%

– Hide In Shadows: +10%

– Detect Illusion: +10%

– Set Traps: +10%

– Luck: +2

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about her past, Alora reveals that she was originally from Irieabor. As a child she was cute, outgoing and dangerously curious, causing no end of trouble for her parents. They tried to curb her lunatic behavior, and encouraged her to be content with home and hearth like other halflings. Alora found this unbearably stifling, and left to explore the world. She quickly found herself falling in all sorts of trouble, going to the wrong places and angering the wrong sort of people. Eventually she found herself in the city of Baldur's Gate and it was there that she discovered her future profession: thievery. Wealth was never her chief concern: it's just too many interesting things are behind locked doors. Her unassuming temperament makes it easy for her to hoodwink the authorities, and her sweet nature has saved her from a jail cell numerous times.


  • "Whatever you wish."
  • "Whatever you need."
  • "Hey there high there!"
  • "Hop-skip to it!"
  • "With a smile!"
  • "Happy to help!"
  • "Play nicely, everyone."
  • "I'm so sweet, I have rotting teeth and gums."
  • 'Isn't this great? All of us doing nice things, being happy, it's great!"
  • "Hey, I think everyone would be happier if we were a little nicer."
  • "Please be nicer. You don't want me to pick up any bad habits do you?"
  • "I don't think you're the type of people I should be hanging around with. Goodbye!"
  • "Wow! Leader? Me? This'll be great fun!"
    • Yawn* "I'm sleepy! Can we nap a moment?"
  • "Uh, so, when are we going to do something. I'm rearing to go."
  • "I'm hurt! Please help me!" (When health is low)
  • "What a great forest huh? I've never seen trees like these before."
  • "I like the bustle of the city. So many interesting people."
  • "Whoa! This is pretty scary isn't it? I, uh, I mean I'd be scared with-without the rest of you."
  • "What a great day for adventuring. In fact everyday is a great day for adventuring."
  • "Pretty spooky night but still great for adventuring."
  • "I've had friends die before and it's still sad." (When a party member dies.)
  • "Poor Edwin. He was just learning how to loosen up." (When Edwin dies)
  • "Smile more often, Edwin, it looks good on you."
  • "Play your song again, Garrik. The one I like. Please."
  • "Oh it's just the cutest little hamsty-wamsty. Who's a fuzzy poo?"

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