Alvanhendar runs the Temple of Yondalla and Alvanhendar's Fine Wines in the area of Gullykin. He offers the usual Temple services, and berates the party as "intrepid fools on the way to a beating", amid other pithy comments. There is no Reputation loss if he is killed.


Eh? Who's this then? More intrepid fools on the road to a beating? I suppose ye need the healing or some such to repair whatever damage ye marched headlong into. Well, the Provider provides and the Provider protects, but don't ye go messing up her handiwork anytime soon! And stand ye away from them barrels of ale! Littleman watches over all, and he'll turn you out on your ear if you damage a cork in his spiritual home.

  • 1:-Yes, we'd like to see what you have to offer us.
(opens services window)
  • 2:-We don't need any help.
Ye may think ye don't need my help, but I'll wager a sour egg to a twelve pound goose that there be something off-kilter in yer head. Most o' you wanderers are but a quarter moon away from lunacy at the best o' times.