Amkethran is a village in Tethyr. It was unofficially led by Balthazar and his monks. This area is accessible when Chapter 9 is started.


Amkethran is built on a plateau of sand and rock, and is a village in very bad shape, the inhabitants can't survive without the help of the smugglers and the monastery. Its inhabitants live in poverty and have to contend with Balthazar's mercenaries residing there and doing whatever they please.

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  • Long Sword +1
  • Chain Mail +3
  • Medium Shield +2 

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The town has two caves, one with a lich, and the other plagued by smugglers and an old 'friend', Saemon Havarian. It also has an Amkethran Tavern, which sells weapons and armor. Kerrick's Smithy and Arcana Archives II is located above the inn.

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Bg2 Music - Amkethran Theme

Bg2 Music - Amkethran Theme

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