An Errand for Fuller is a Side Quest in the Prologue stage of Baldur's Gate. In "classic" Baldur's Gate this quest is commonly referred to as Fuller's Bolts.

Go to Winthrop at Candlekeep Inn and purchase a set of 20 bolts, and take them to the Barracks. Speak to Fuller and ask him if he has any errands that the Protagonist can run. When speaking to Fuller a second time, he takes the bolts and rewards the player character with 10 GP and 50 XP.

Fuller will give you a Dagger +1 if your Charisma is 18 or higher, or if you have the Friends spell and at least 12 Charisma and some luck. 

In your JournalEdit

  • Triggered By: Talking to Fuller, and asking if he has any errands to run.
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: An Errand for Fuller
  • Entry Title: An Errand for Fuller
  • Quest Begins:
    Fuller's recovering from last night's mead-fest in the barracks. After a little pestering, he agreed to give me a little bit of change if I fetch a quarrel of crossbow bolts from the innkeeper, Winthrop.
  • Quest Completed (with 18+ Charisma):
    Fuller was in a generous mood, today. After I fetched the bolts from Winthrop, he gave me his dad's old dagger. It killed a hobgoblin in a single blow, once... if Fuller isn't just pulling my leg again, that is.
  • Quest Completed (otherwise):
    Fuller gave me a lousy 10 gold for running his errands. I bet I'd get at least 15 for being an errand runner in Baldur's Gate!

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