An Errand for Fuller is a side quest in the Baldur's Gate Prologue. In "classic" Baldur's Gate this quest is commonly referred to as Fuller's Bolts.

Go to Winthrop at Candlekeep Inn and purchase a set of 20 bolts, and take them to the Barracks. Speak to Fuller and ask him if he has any errands that the Protagonist can run. When speaking to Fuller a second time, he takes the bolts and rewards the player character with 10 GP and 50 XP.

Fuller will take any amount of bolts from the leftmost quiver slot first (assuming bolts are placed there) – it is possible to split the stack into as low as one bolt and place it in the leftmost quiver slot to keep the remaining ones. The opposite is also true – if you play with higher stacks though (for example in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition), he can take whole stack, even if it's over 20.

Fuller will give you a Dagger +1 if your Charisma is 18 or higher, or if you have the Friends spell and at least 12 Charisma and some luck. 


  • Triggered By: Talking to Fuller, and asking if he has any errands to run.
  • Journal Section: Quests, Done Quests
  • Quest Title: An Errand for Fuller
  • Entry Title: An Errand for Fuller
  • Quest Begins:
    Fuller's recovering from last night's mead-fest in the barracks. After a little pestering, he agreed to give me a little bit of change if I fetch a quarrel of crossbow bolts from the innkeeper, Winthrop.
  • Quest Completed (with 18+ Charisma):
    Fuller was in a generous mood, today. After I fetched the bolts from Winthrop, he gave me his dad's old dagger. It killed a hobgoblin in a single blow, once... if Fuller isn't just pulling my leg again, that is.
  • Quest Completed (otherwise):
    Fuller gave me a lousy 10 gold for running his errands. I bet I'd get at least 15 for being an errand runner in Baldur's Gate!

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