Well, well, well. I sensed the ripples and there you are […]

Andris of Iriaebor is a – self-proclaimed "powerful"[1]mage from the City of a Thousand Spires, who got trapped on the Ice Island in Tales of the Sword Coast.

Together with Beyn and Marcellus, the small group is waiting not far from the entrance to the maze, to "greet" new visitors and rob them of their power for their own needs – with force!

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Would that I had more paper to write upon, but much was burned in haste for warmth. Little there is to document anyway, and so I leave this small writ for any that might find my corpse, for that is the only way it shall part from me. Know that Andris does curse you for your life, and that should I return in some fell form I will hunt you for the sheer spite of you seeing my decimated body. The business of that aside, I hope that you who read this have suffered the same fate as I. The indignity of this condition! With all the power at mine fingers I must huddle around a dung-fire eating seal fat! The forces behind this place have no respect for my stature, my power! I have slain beasts thrice my size with a glance, and traveled as a bird over oceans! Here my magic is sucked to the earth and I am held, as others are. Some have escaped, and I swear I shall hunt them and take the power they must have. To do what I cannot they must be great indeed. I curse them for leaving, I curse this place, and I curse that I have not the might to follow.
Andris of Iriaebor

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