Angelo Dosan is a neutral evil human who is a corrupt Flaming Fist officer who worked for Sarevok and briefly became head of the organization when Duke Eltan was seriously injured, and with Scar unable to take over as he was killed by doppelgangers. Angelo retreats along with Sarevok, Tazok and Semaj to the Temple of Bhaal at the end of the story. He is the father of Shar Teel.

The player first sees Angelo in Chapter 7 in the Flaming Fist HQ. If the player gets captured for their 'crimes' against the Iron Throne whilst in Baldur's Gate, the player and their party will be sentenced to be hanged and will wait in Flaming Fist HQ cells until the time for their death comes. Due to family relations, if Shar-Teel is in the party Angelo will simply let you go.

Angelo is then seen at the end of Chapter 7 with Sarevok and the rest of his closest followers in the Temple of Bhaal. During the battle between them and the player, Angelo will be wearing a ring of invisibility and equipped with arrows of detonation which release fireballs upon reaching its target.

In Baldur's Gate II, Angelo will appear in the second challenge in the Pocket Plane in Throne of Bhaal. You will have to fight him, Tamoko, Semaj and an aspect of yourself had Gorion chosen Sarevok over you.


  • "Justice may be blind, but I'm not."