Angurvadal +4, also known as the Stream of Anguish, is an enchanted longsword. It inflicts 1d8+4 points of physical damage and 1 point of fire damage and it has +4 THAC0 bonus. The wielder can raise his/her strength to 22 once per day for 60 seconds.The sword weighs 2 lbs and has a speed factor of 0. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. It's found on the body of the Githyanki Captain, who resides on the 4th level of Watcher's Keep. It can be upgraded by Cespenar for 5,000 and it requires Liquid Mercury. The wielder needs at least 6 strength to use the weapon.

In-game descriptionEdit

Also known as the Stream of Anguish, this is the legendary burning blade of Frithiof.


Angurvadal +5 deals after the upgrade 1d8+5 points of physical damage and 1d4+2 point of fire damage and it has +5 thaco bonus. The wielder's strength is raised to 22 as long as the weapon is wielded and makes the wielder immune to level drain.

In-game descriptionEdit

The true power of Frithior's blazing sword has been unleashed by the Liquid Mercury.


& = Before the upgrade

! = After the upgrade

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