Animate Dead brings forth a skeleton warrior who follows the caster's every command.

In-game descriptionEdit

BGII: SoA and later

This spell causes a skeleton warrior to rise and serve the caster under any conditions. The type of skeleton warrior that appears depends upon the level of the wizard casting the spell: A 1st-level wizard will summon a skeleton warrior with 3 Hit Dice; a 7th-level wizard will summon one with 5 Hit Dice; an 11th-level wizard will summon one with 7 Hit Dice; and a 15th-level wizard will summon one with 9 Hit Dice. The skeleton warrior remains animated until it is destroyed in combat, the duration expires, or it is turned. This spell cannot be dispelled.
Classic BG: TotSC
This spell creates the lowest of the undead monsters, skeletons or zombies, usually from the bones or bodies of dead humans, demihumans, or humanoids. The spell causes these remains to become animated and obey the simple verbal commands of the caster, regardless of how they communicated in life. The skeletons or zombies can follow the caster, remain in an area and attack any creature (or just a specific type of creature) entering the place, and so on. The undead remain animated until they are destroyed in combat, 8 hours pass, or are turned; the magic cannot be dispelled. The wizard can animate 1d2 undead creatures

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

Baldur's GateEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

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