Ankheg Culling is a quest given by Gerde in the area North of the Friendly Arm Inn. It can be done at any time, but it may be best to wait until higher levels, as killing ten ankhegs can be challenging for low-level parties. For strategies on killing them effectively, see the ankheg page. Note that it does not matter whether you go over the quota or not - there are no repercussions for doing so. Once the party has killed their quota of ten ankhegs, return to Gerde, who will reward you with 75 GP.


  • Quest Begins:
Ankheg Culling: Manage the ankheg population

I am assisting the ranger, Gerde, in her attempt to manage the ankheg population on the plains south of Baldur's Gate. From where I stand at her side, I can see them swarming, coming to the surface roughly fifty yards to our left. On Gerde's instructions, however, I am not to exceed my quota of ten kills.

  • Quest Completed:
Ankheg Culling: Manage the ankheg population

Gerde gave me 75 gp for my efforts in helping her manage the ankheg population in the region. Good money for a small task, really.