Ankheg Shells are components by harvesting Ankhegs and merchandise which can only be sold to certain characters.

This item appears in all Bhaalspawn saga games.

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The ankheg is a burrowing insect-like creature between 10 and 20 feet long, found mainly in forests or choice agricultural land. They are covered with plates or shells made out of a substance called chitin which is extremely tough and very light. The size, weight and strength of the shells make them highly sought after in many situations, including the creation of armor.


BG1 Edit

  • In BGnoglow1, Taerom Fuiruim in Beregost claims he buys one for 500Goldpieces but instead he will grab shells from inventory of all party members and pays you 500Goldpieces so you have to sell them one by one to get the most profit: keep on shell, send a party member to store the other shells somewhere else (like the barrel west of the Jovial Juggler), have another member make the 500Goldpieces deal with Taerom, switch to the member by the barrel, get one shell, switch back to and rinse the deal, repeat until you've sold all shells. You'll also have to do it within ten days or the shells will rot, and you may want to retain the option of making the Ankheg Plate Mail order as Taerom will no longer buy shells once the plate is ready
  • In BGEEglow, you can continue selling shells after your commission; From BGEEglow v.1.3, Taerom will buy a single shell per conversation instead of cleaning out your entire party's inventory
  • In BGnoglow1BGEEglow, Fenten is also willing to buy shells and will buy them them at any time, without the tenday-limit, but for only 250Goldpieces per inventory. He can be found in Baldur's Gate West

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