Another Mission for the Temple is a side quest which starts after you have completed Gain the Services of Sir Sarles for the Temple in favor of one of the three temples. Depending on which temple you helped previously the place where to start this side quest will change.


If this was done for the temple of Helm, Guardian Telwyn will ask you to help Dawnbringer Sain, who is a priest of the Temple of Lathander next to the temple of Helm. Sain will ask you to recover the Dawn Ring.

If you have gained the services of Sir Sarles in favor for the Temple of Lathander, speak to Dawnbringer Sain directly. He will ask you to recover the Dawn Ring which was stolen by Talassans.

If you gained the services of Sir Sarle for the Temple of Talos, Talon Yarryl will ask you to bring him the Dawn Ring which was stolen for them by a thief.

  • Go to the Athkatla Slums and speak to the thief Travin near the north end of the area. Threaten him and he will tell you where you can find the current holder of the ring.
  • Enter Borinall's House above the Copper Coronet and either swear allegiance to Talos and Borinall will give you the ring or kill him and take the ring from his body. If you're not aiding Talos and lying about it, your party leader will get hit by lightning, inflicting minor damage, which convinces Borinall your not acting in his name, which turns him hostile.
  • Give the Dawn Ring to Dawnbringer Sain in the Temple of Lathander or Talon Yarryl in the Temple of Talos, depending from who you received this side quest.

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