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There are hundreds of Area Codes. Each one is designated to either;

For most areas, TuTu only changed the prefix AR to FW. BGT had to rename every single area of the BG1 map to prevent conflict with the codes used in BG2, due to combining BG1 and BG2 into a single game.

Baldur's Gate 1 & Tales of the Sword Coast Area Codes:Edit

BG1 Area Code TuTu Code BGT Code Common Name
AR0100 Baldur's Gate Northwest
AR0112 Blushing Mermaid Cellar
AR0123 Undercity
AR0146 Thieves' Maze
AR0200 Baldur's Gate North
AR0224 City Sewers 1
AR0225 City Sewers 2
AR0226 City Sewers 3
AR0300 Baldur's Gate Northeast
AR0400 Area North of Wyrm's Crossing
AR0500 Durlag's Tower (Area)
AR0511 Durlag's Tower Basement 2
AR0512 Durlag's Tower Basement 3
AR0513 Durlag's Tower Basement 4
AR0514 Durlag's Tower Basement 5
AR0600 Baldur's Gate West
AR0607 Flaming Fist Prison
AR0700 Baldur's Gate Central
AR0800 Baldur's Gate East
AR0900 Wyrm's Crossing
AR1000 Ulgoth's Beard
AR1008 Ice Island
AR1009 Ice Dungeon
AR1100 Baldur's Gate Southwest
AR1200 Baldur's Gate Docks
AR1300 Baldur's Gate Southeast
AR1400 Area North of the Friendly Arm
AR1401 Ankheg Tunnels
AR1500 Lycanthrope Island North
AR1600 Cloakwood North West
AR1700 Cloakwood North East
AR1800 Cloakwood Mines
AR1900 Bandit Camp
AR2000 Lycanthrope Island South
AR2012 Lycanthrope Island Tunnels
AR2100 Cloakwood South West
AR2200 Cloakwood South East
AR2300 Friendly Arm Inn
AR2400 Peldvale
AR2600 Candlekeep
AR2615 Candlekeep Catacombs
AR2619 Candlekeep Catacombs 2
AR2700 Candlekeep Coastway
AR2800 Coast Way
AR2900 Larswood
AR3000 Spider Wood
AR3100 Area West of High Hedge
AR3200 High Hedge
AR3300 Beregost
AR3400 Temple
AR3500 Area East of Temple
AR3600 Lighthouse
AR3700 Area South of High Hedge
AR3800 Area South of Beregost
AR3900 Ulcaster
AR3901 Ulcaster Dungeon
AR4000 Gullykin
AR4100 Area South of Lighthouse
AR4200 Area Northwest of Nashkel
AR4300 Area North of Nashkel
AR4400 AR3300 Area North of Carnival
AR4500 AR3400 Firewine Bridge
AR4600 AR3499 Area North of Gnoll Stronghold
AR4700 AR3498 Area West of Nashkel
AR4800 AR3700 Nashkel
AR4900 AR3800 Carnival
AR5000 AR3900 Area East of Carnival
AR5100 AR4100 Gnoll Stronghold
AR5200 AR4200 Area East of Gnoll Stronghold
AR5201 Firewine Ruins
AR5300 AR4300 Area South of Nashkel
AR5400 AR4400 Nashkel Mines
AR5500 AR4600 Area East of Nashkel Mines
AR5506 Candlekeep Caves

Baldur's Gate 2 Shadows of Amn & Throne of Bhaal Area Codes:Edit

BG2 Area Code BGT Code Common Name
AR0308 Galvarey Estate (aka Harper Hold)

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