45px Area Forest of Tethyr is one of the areas from the World Map.

This area has a lot fallen trees, which can be used to explore the area, but you can get on them only by stepping on the thick branches of the fallen trees. At the end of Baldur's Gate II Chapter 6, the entrance to Suldanessellar is opened by bringing the Rhynn Lanthorn to Elhan.


This area has the following respawning enemies: Goblins, Panthers, Crimson Death and Vampiric Mist.

Place of interest and activitiesEdit

Northwest in this area there is cabin where Coran can be found. He is looking for Safana, who has been kidnapped by wolfweres and asks your help.

Northeast there is a cave inhabitated by Kua-Toa. In this cave, the Mana Bow can be found


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