AR4600BG1worldmap Area North of Gnoll Stronghold is one of the areas from the World Map.

Area North of Gnoll Stronghold, also known as Bear River[1] is an area accessible from the World Map.


  • Northern bridge, an ambush by 2 Ogre Berserkers and 3 Hobgoblin Elite archers spread along the brige in BG:EE or on the western side in BG. The archers shoot poison arrows. Strategies, roughly in order of preference:
    • approach from the west after crossing the southern bridge (BG only),
    • retreat to the east and engage the Ogre Berserkers out of range of as many of the archers as possible (BG only),
    • engage with a full party of ranged attackers and engage one enemy at the time – two ogres can be lured away from archers,
    • avoid the whole thing.
  • Neville at 3800, 850 is an unusually polite bandit. He has 5 hobgoblins hidden in the trees to help him.
  • Jared at one end of the southern bridge (4675, 3665) and a bear at the other meet up for the side quest Jared and the Bear .
  • A Hungry Ogre at 415, 920 offers little besides some entertaining dialog.
  • Laurel is a Paladin at 1275, 1115 with a quest for you: help her fend off The Gibberling Hordes.





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