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45px Area North of Gnoll Stronghold is one of the areas from the World Map.

Area North of Gnoll Stronghold, also known as "Bear River"[1]


  • Northern bridge, an ambush by Ogre Berserkers and Hobgoblin Elite archers on the western side. The archers shoot poison arrows. Strategies, roughly in order of preference:
  • Engage with a full party of ranged attackers;
  • approach from the West after crossing the southern bridge;
  • retreat to the east and engage the Ogre Berserkers out of range of as many of the archers as possible;
  • avoid the whole thing. 
(doesn't apply to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, where the Ogres and Hobgoblins are spread along the bridge)


Enemies: Ogre Berserkers, Hobgoblins, Gibberlings, Wild Dogs, Ogrillons and Ogres.

Rest may be disturbed by Ogres or Ogre Berserkers.[1]



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