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45px Area Northwest of Nashkel is one of the areas from the World Map.

Area Northwest of Nashkel, otherwise known as Fisherman's Lake[1]

Tactics for killing DrizztEdit

  1. Get Drizzt's attention (click on him, then stop the party's movement) to make him stop walking, then surround him with ex-party members, (stand next to them, and then boot them from the party). Attack him with ranged weapons, or extra-range weapons like Spears and Halberds, or a Quarter Staff.[2]
  2. Put the party on the island, and approach and pull Drizzt towards the shore with a sacrificial sixth Companion. If the 'path nodes' setting is much higher than 2000, Drizzt will be able to find his way around to the island.[2]
  3. Bring a Stealthed Thief in range of Drizz't so the party Cleric (level 5 or better) can target Drizz't with some summoned Skeletons (Animate Dead) Tell the skeletons to attack, and immediately pull the Thief back. Wait sometime and the critical hits will eventually kill him.[1]
  4. Note- It is confirmed that he can be pickpocketed, but be careful with saving and reloading if you attempt to pickpocket after all dialogue has been exhausted with him, as he will disappear even after re-loading. You can pickpocket only once and gain Frostbrand.
  5. If the party is evil, you can taunt Drizzt from the start and say you'll help the Gnolls. On some occasion, he may ignore the Gnolls completely and only go for your party. If this happens, the Gnolls may surround him and keep him from moving, and Drizzt won't retaliate against them. Leave the Gnolls alive to help kill Drizzt, or put them to sleep to keep them from possibly drawing his attention. This worked in the Enhanced Edition.
  6. You can also let the gnolls kill Drizzt. Simply tell him that you will help, and when the fight begins, initiate dialogue repeatedly. The gnolls will only hit on natural 20s, so it will take a while, but you can just stand to the side and laugh.
  7. Use Invisibility and stand at the edge of vision of Drizzt. He won't start conversation since you are invisible, but the gnolls will start attacking him (he just stays still doing nothing). After about 10 minutes you can loot his dead corpse.


Yes, Xvart Village may be discovered by exiting the Fisherman's Lake area from either the west or the south sides.

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