AR3100BG1worldmap Area West of High Hedge is one of the areas from the World Map.

The Area West of High Hedge is also known as Shipwreck's Coast.


The Surgeon is the brother of Davaeorn and mentions him in his dialogue.


Shoal and DrothEdit

Talk to Shoal the Nereid (3043,436), who will ask for your help, ensuring the nominated spokesman is not your main character. She will then kiss that party member. The kiss will kill the recipient. Attack her until she talks to you again. She will restore your companion in exchange for helping her by killing Droth - Ogre Mage. You can agree or kill her. If you agree your dead companion will return so re-equip them. The Ogre Mage will appear. Kill him. Talk to Shoal afterwards. You'll get 750 xp. If acting quickly, you can kill Shoal for 5,000 xp and no loss to reputation.

Mad ArcandEdit

Talk to Mad Arcand (2005, 1263). If your NPC Reaction is 15-20 he asks you to collect a ring from the wrecked ship SW from his position. Agree. Collect the ring and return it to him. Even if your Reaction is too low for him to ask for your help you can still bring the ring to him. It's cursed so don't wear it or keep it.

The SurgeonEdit

You can pickpocket The Surgeon (2888, 2079). Talk to him. Ask him who he is and he will give you a potion before healing your party.



  • N: no exit
  • E: High Hedge 16 hrs
  • S: no exit
  • W: no exit