Arkion and Nemphre is a quest given by Ordulinian in Sorcerous Sundries. It requires talking to him more than once to obtain, as he will only suggest you avoid both Arkion and Nemphre when you first speak to him.


Ordulinian requires Gorion's Ward to bring him Arkion's bloodstone amulet and Nemphre's onyx ring in order to put an end to their feud.


There are a few of ways to complete this quest:

  • The player can pick pocket both Arkion and Nemphre for the items and avoid bloodshed altogether. Ordulinian alludes that this the prefered method, but there are no reward penalities for doing it other ways.
  • The player can kill both Arkion and Nemphre and simply loot the items from the corpses. Both are in their own homes alone and of evil alignment, so there is no reputation penalty for doing it this way.
  • The player can talk to both Arkion and Nemphre first obtain and complete their quests, and then kill or pickpocket the characters once these quests have been completed for the required items.