Madre de merced!

— From her dialog in the classic game

Arkushule is a palm reader in the area of the Lighthouse (3496,2953) who will offer to read the hand of Gorion's Ward, but will get scared before finishing. If she is pressed into proceeding, Arkushule will become hostile. She can be killed without repercussions.

You had a reasonably happy childhood with him, aside from being a little difficult. My my, but you were quite the little hellion. Wonder where that comes from? Let's see what we can't learn about you back before this Gorion. Further back I see... I see... Merciful gods![Notes 2] I-see-a-long-and-happy-life-for-you-and-yours. 10 gold, please, and I'll be on my way.


  1. Arkushule carries more scrolls than only a Burning Hands' one, but those haven't inventory slots assigned and thus aren't available for use or loot: Agannazar's Scorcher, Armor, Blindness, Grease, Protection From Petrification and a second Burning Hands.
  2. This expression was changed with the Enhanced Edition. Before it had been "Madre de merced!"


  • In the classic edition of the game her gender is given as male in the creature file, though animation and sound are still those of a female.