The Armor of Faith +3 is an enchanted set of Chain Mail in Baldur's Gate II.

It has a base AC comparable to that of Full Plate Armor, but at a fraction of the latter's weight. However, it's missing the plate's high modifiers against certain types of physical damage. Upon equipping, the armor adds a bonus of 1 to all saving throws.

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Gameplay Edit

  • The low weight of 15 lb and the low strength requirement of this armor make it a good choice for a less mighty character, such as Viconia.

Description Edit

This was the armor of Seffer Ekr, and a sign of the goddess Mielikii's[sic] favor. She had rewarded the ranger's loyalty with the promise that he would never die in battle, and he defied death for many years, holding orcish hordes back from his home forest. A heart attack claimed him when his time was done, not an enemy's blade.