The Armor of the Hart is an enchanted set of +3 full plate armor which offers a bonus to Armor Class of -2. It provides the same AC modifiers as full plate armor. It has a weight of 45 lbs. and it requires 15 Strength to wear this.


This armor can be gained from one of the five demon knights in the Underdark, which appear after sacrificing a summoned animal or monster at the altar of Demogorgon.


Few suits of armor in all the Realms are the equal of this full plate. All that remains of the origin of the Hart are folktales and legends. The most popular of these is that an impossible battle was once fought against an army of orcs surging through the Three Trees Pass. Arngor of the Oak led the armies of men and elves and it is said that he dueled with the orc commander till the sun set and the land was bathed in a bloody mist. Finally the orc fell but Arngor had sustained wounds too vast for any to save him. His blood soaked through the armor he wore, infusing it with his courage and nobility. Thus the Armor of the Hart became known to men.