Ascension is a mod created by David Gaider, a design director for Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. Created due to personal dissatisfaction with the version of the game that was shipped.

Tougher Boss BattlesEdit

With these components installed, the battles against the bosses in Throne of Bhaal become much more challenging. These range from the subtle - Illasera is far more accurate, Gromnir has special attacks - to the drastic.

The specific boss fights that can be enhanced, all of which are optional components, are:

Imoen's Bhaalspawn AbilitiesEdit

Imoen will slowly acquire Bhaalspawn abilities of her own as her level increases.

New Bhaalspawn AbilitiesEdit

Like the Unfinished Business (Baldur's Gate II) mod, this mod causes Gorion's Ward to attain new Bhaalspawn Abilities after completing the second through fifth Bhaalspawn Challenges in the Pocket Plane.

Sarevok's RedemptionEdit

The player may eventually induce Sarevok to redeem his former evil, resulting in an alignment change.

Imoen/Sarevok BanterEdit

Imoen and Sarevok have new banter between each other if they are in the same party and Imoen gave up a spark of her soul.

Restoring Sarevok's Sword of ChaosEdit

The Sword of Chaos +2 can be given to Sarevok to transform it into the Sword of Chaos +4.

Improved Slayer FormEdit

The Slayer Form ability is enhanced and improved, acquiring new powers and traits when Gorion's Ward reaches 2 million, 4 million and 6 million EXP.

Dissuading/Recruiting BalthazarEdit

A player of sufficient virtue, Wisdom and Charisma can dissuade Balthazar from his confrontation with Gorion's Ward, or potentially even turn him into an ally in the final battle against Melissan.

New Final BattleEdit

With Ascension installed, the final battle is far more spectacular and much, much more difficult. Not only is Melissan more powerful herself, the creatures she originally summoned as allies - Balors, Mariliths, Glabrezus and Slayer Shadows - and the sequence of multiple rounds that vary between Melissan and one of the Elemental Princes of Evil are replaced with far more dangerous opponents: the resurrected forms of Illasera, Yaga-Shura, Abazigal, Sendai, Balthazar, Jon Irenicus and Bodhi!

New EpiloguesEdit

Many of the classical epilogues are modified to have more detail when this mod is installed.

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