Ashen Scales is a set of enchanted splint mail +2 made of wyvern scales. Like normal splint mail, it provides the same protection modifier and it requires 8 Strength to wear this, but the Armor Class is improved by two points. With a weight of 18 lbs., it's 22 lbs. lighter than splint mail. Ashen Scales appear in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, it's obtained during the assault on Bodhi's lair. It can be found in the lowest room of the lair.

In-game descriptionEdit

Instead of metal strips, this armor uses wyvern scales bound to a chain backing by means of a magical fire. The resulting armor is ash grey in color and more flexible than standard splint mail. A ranger, Usher Skacan. made this armor after slaying several wyverns that were killing all the deer and elk in his forest.

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