Ashideena (Ashideena +2 in-game), also known as the War Hammer +2, is a powerful (non-specialized) hammer available in the game. When compared to a normal war hammer, it has a bonus of +2 damage, THAC0 and speed factor, and inflicts +1 electrical damage. It weighs 5 pounds and has a speed factor of 2, compared to 6 pounds and a speed factor of 5 for a standard war hammer. This weapon falls under the war hammer proficiency, except in 'classic' Baldur's Gate where it's in the blunt weapons proficiency instead.  It requires a Strength score of 8 to wield in BGI and 9 in BGII.


Baldur's Gate and the Enhanced EditionEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and the Enhanced EditionEdit


Lady Ashideena was a remarkable strategist who honed her skills against the orc armies in the Year of the Black Horde. She met Dergat Wiltoon -the warrior that wielded this weapon- when he foiled an ambush led by the great orc Varstok, and soon after made him her Field Captain. After serving at each other's side for the entirety of the war they fell in love and eventually married. Historians report that Dergat named his warhammer after his bride to remind himself of the love he fought to protect. What Lady Ashideena thought of this is unknown.