Aslyferund Elven Chain is a piece of enchanted elven chain with a +5 enchantment, which has the usual penalties to thieving skills and bonuses & penalties to armor class to specific kind of damage. It also provides to the wearer complete and permanent immunity to normal weapons, like the spell Protection from Normal Weapons. This armor is available in Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, but at this stage in the Bhaalspawn series, enemies which are using normal weapons are becoming scarce, though Yuan-ti and Rakshasas use normal weapons.This armor is made by Cespenar by upgrading the Bladesinger Chain, which requires 40,000 gold and one scroll of the spell mentioned above.

As a hidden feature, the casting of wizard spells while wearing this armor is possible, which makes it particularly useful for bards and multi- or dual-classed mages.


While in exile from Myth Drannor, Aslyferund learned the secret of fashioning powerful Elven armor by gilding and heavily enchanting normal Elven Chain. Alas, his refusal to divulge the secret lead to his murder by a rival smith.