Asp's Nest (Asp's Nest +1 in-game) are enchanted darts +1 which deal 1d3+1 points of physical damage and 1 point of poison damage every 3 seconds until 40 points of damage are inflicted or if the poison is cured by Neutralize Poison or an antidote. It also has +1 bonus to THAC0. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. Ribald Barterman sells a bunch of them in his "special stock", and it can also be found on the first level the Guarded Compound in the Athkatla Temple district.


Asp's Nest:

While working for the Shadow Thieves, Fargon Fol collected thousands of small poisonous snakes to create the Asp's Nest.  Fargon took each snake and with her powerful magic she made a dart of each.  She made the dart so that when it strikes its opponent, the snake returns to life, biting and inflicting poison damage on the target. The title Asp's Nest refers to the entire collection of darts, most of which have vanished, either destroyed in use or lost on a long forgotten battlefield.