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Baeloth Barrityl is a Chaotic Evil drow sorceror  who is stranded on the Sword Coast after being tricked by his servant Djinn and some combatants from his Black Pits show. He is one of the four new potential Companion characters who were added to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. He can be found in Larswood, to the south near an abandoned tower. You must be at least level 5 for him to appear. He does not appear in Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, unlike the other three new characters.

He begins play with a Robe of the Evil Archmagi , a Quarterstaff +1 , 10 Darts of Acid +1 , 2 Speedily Stolen Slaves' Salve, and the Cursed Ring of Ironic Punishment which adds to his spells similar to Edwin's amulet. If you choose to kill him rather than recruit him, you do not get the ring (apparently, the curse persists through death), but you do get 1,000 gp.

Accepting Baeloth into your party causes a loss of 2 Reputation, which is restored when he is dismissed from the party.

In the final battle in the Black Pits I, he proves to be very powerful, able to use spells such as Chain Lightning, Delayed Blast Fireball, and Power Word Stun. As a drow, he has magic resistance, which makes him a tough battle for a heavily magic-based party. 

In-Game BiographyEdit

Baeloth Barrityl, or "Baeloth the Entertainer" as he prefers to be called, claims to be a drow mage of some repute. While he keeps some of his earlier exploits vague, he brags excessively about his most recent endeavor, The Black Pits. While it all ended in failure, he maintains that it was "the best show in all the realms." The circumstances of his defeat within the pits are unclear, but he claims dishonesty on the part of his combatants was a key factor.


In Larswood, Baeloth has a lengthy one-sided conversation with his treacherous Djinn servant Najim before he notices the protagonist's party standing nearby. It takes a great deal of dialog (with an occasional interjection from Neera on his penchant for alliteration) to recruit Baeloth into your party; only the first two levels of dialog options are shown here.

It's about time you came through for me. I was beginning to wonder whether your incompetence was— Wait, this isn't right!

You fool, I am not fully revived! I am diminished, damaged, and DANGEROUSLY DETERIORATED! Why, I've even lost some of my perspicacity!

(Neera: Hehehe!)

Najim? Are you even LISTENING? My most obedient serv—friend! WHERE ARE YOU?! Surely you aren't going to LEAVE ME UP HERE!

Argh! YOU CONNIVING CUR! I will crack your realm wide open and DRAG YOU INTO THIS PLANE OF— Oh, hello. Well, this is awkward.

  • 1:-Well met, I am [Hero].
Greetings, friendly, ah, surface-dweller. You wouldn't happen to know the direction to the nearest entrance to the Underdark, would you?
  • 1.1:-I'm afraid I don't.
  • 1.2:-Where on earth did you come from?
  • 1.3:-Die, drow!
  • 2:-Who the hell are you?
How could I forget!? Allow me to introduce myself. I am Baeloth Barrityll, more commonly known as BAELOTH THE ENTERTAINER! Yes, I know. THAT Baeloth. Fall to your knees and beg for mercy, I'm sure you know the drill.
  • 2.1:-I shall do no such thing.
  • 2.2:-The thing about that is... I left my kneepads back at home, and, well, you know how these things go.
  • 2.3:-Die, drow!



  • Baeloth is one of the three companions who are voiced by Mark Meer.
  • Incidentally, his character portrait is also based on him.
  • Mark even dressed up as him during Edmonton Expo 2015 where he moderated the cosplay competition.[1][2]



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