Baldur's Gate II Chapter 6
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Baldur's Gate II Chapter 6 is the sixth part of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. After escaping the Underdark you are back on the surface, and with Irenicus and Bodhi having taken your's and Imoen's soul you must go after them and take back what is yours, starting with Bodhi.

Once you leave the Underdark, you will be surrounded by Elf warriors who will escort you to their commander Elhan. He will ask you questions about your relationship with Irenicus while Elven sages verify the truthfulness of your words. Once you have shown yourself to by an enemy of Irenicus, he will tell you that Irenicus has captured their city which is now being hidden by a magical barrier that none can penetrate. To get into the city, you need to find the Rhynn Lanthorn, which is probably in the clutches of Bodhi.

Return to the city of Athkatla. Along the way you will encounter Drizzt and friends. You can ask him to help you fight Bodhi and the other vampires. His help will make the next part much easier. If you speak to Aran Linvail in the Shadow Thief Guildhall, he will agree to send some of his top assassins to help you destroy Bodhi and her guild. You can also get help from Prelate Wessalen of the Order of the Radiant Heart in the Temple District.

Go to the Graveyard and you will encounter Bodhi who will welcome you by sending some vampires after you. Enter the Vampire lair through the entrance near the top left part of the area, next to Viconia (if you had rescued her but not hired). Upon entering, Eric Vanstraaten and three other paladins will arrive if you asked the Prelate of the Order of the Radiant Heart for help. After the first battle, Eric will dismiss the other paladins and continue alone with you.

In the northwest corner of the Vampire lair, you will see Drizzt and his party battling some vampires if you had asked for his help earlier. After the battle, Drizzt alone will continue with you and your party. If you asked Aran Linvail for help, you will encounter some Shadow Thieves fighting with vampires in the central room of the vampire lair. Again, the leader will join you at the end of the battle. After all three groups of vampires have been killed, descend to the Inner Sanctum.

Defeat Bodhi and the last of her vampires in the inner sanctum. Once she is dead, enter the room behind her and use a Wooden Stake on Bodhi's coffin to finish her off. You will receive the Rhynn Lanthorn and Imoen will regain her soul. Return to Elhan by the exit from the Underdark with the Rhynn Lanthorn. It will lead you to the entrance to the Elven city of Suldanessellar.

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