Baldur's Gate prologue


Baldur's Gate




Baldur's Gate Chapter 1

The prologue is the first part of Baldur's Gate.

You will begin the game outside the Candlekeep Inn and have nothing but some gold and a Quarter Staff. There are many green robed tutors around the grounds who if talked to will each give you advice. Each tutor offers different advice.

You can talk to the people of Candlekeep and some of them will give you sub-quests from which you can gain gold and experience. Before you agree to leave with Gorion, you should have at least 295 experience and about 200 gold pieces. Thieves get considerably more experience and and treasure from the many locked chests in the area.

Both Shank in the Priest's Quarters and Carbos in the Bunkhouse will attack you. They are easy to defeat as they both carry just a dagger and wear no armor.

When you are finished in Candlekeep, talk to Gorion on the steps of the library and the two of you will leave Candlekeep.

On the journey, you and Gorion will be ambushed by an armored figure and his lackeys. You will be hit by a Flame Arrow and Gorion will die to save you. After the ambush you will wake up the following morning in the Candlekeep Coastway area, and Chapter 1 will begin.

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