AR1900BG1worldmap Bandit Camp is one of the areas from the World Map.

The Bandit Camp is a secluded spot on the Baldur's Gate map. It's the base of operations for the two bandit leaders; Ardenor Crush, who commands the demi-human group known as the Chill, and Taurgosz Khosann, who commands the human Black Talons, all of which are organized by the Half-Ogre known as Tazok. This area cannot be discovered by the protagonist before Chapter 3, and must be discovered to advance the primary story-line further.

There are multiple ways to discover the location after the player has cleared the Nashkel Mines. The first can be easily discerned by reading through the scrolls one will find that trigger the start of Chapter 3; they reference a mage by the name of Tranzig, who may be tracked down at the Feldepost's Inn in Beregost, and convinced by the player to give up the location of the camp. Alternatively, many sources reference the Wood of Sharp Teeth to the north-east being overrun with bandits, which after a proper investigation the player may find Raiken in Peldvale and Teven in Larswood, each of which can be convinced to escort the player's party to the bandit camp, potentially allowing one to peacefully infiltrate the camp.

Whichever path you take, the end goal will remain the same; looting Tazok's tent in the north-east. It's occupied by four guardians - the fighter Raemon, the mage Venkt, the Gnoll Chieftain Britik, and the Hobgoblin Elite Hakt - along with a prisoner, Ender Sai. After dealing with the guards and looking over the intel, your next objective should be made clear.

Even if one infiltrated the camp, it's advisable to clear it anyways, as there is no penalty or downside. The benefits include a total of about 8,000 experience, a net profit of around 4,000Gold Piece IMISC0700000 Item icon BG1, the rare Full Plate Armor and War Hammer +1 carried by Taurgosz, the unique Longbow of Marksmanship carried by Hakt, and the very rare Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise found in a pertinent chest. Also, in the Enhanced Edition one may find Venkt carrying a scroll of Spell Thrust - the only known copy in the original game.