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45px Bandit Camp is one of the areas from the World Map.

The Bandit Camp is a small camp on the Baldur's Gate map where Tazok and his bandits hide. The bandits are hired mercenaries, the Chill are a group of hobgoblin mercenaries commanded by Ardenor Crush, and the Black Talons are a group of human mercenaries commanded by Taugosz Khosann. The character must go to the Feldepost's Inn in Beregost and find Tranzig and get information on where bandit camp is, or else discover it by exploring. The camp then appears on the main map.

Tazok's tent is occupied by the fighter Raemon, the mage Venkt, the gnoll Britik and the hobgoblin Hakt. A quick cast of Charm Person on Venkt will prevent him from casting Horror on the party. Algernon's Cloak works well for this; normal casting may be too slow to interrupt his cast.

Hakt carries (and uses) The Dead Shot Longbow of Marksmanship, and a pair of Legacy of the Masters Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise are also in the tent in a locked chest with a particularly deadly trap. Depending on the games version the loot in the tent includes about 3,000 gp and scrolls of Color Spray, Blindness, Friends, Spell Thrust, Stinking Cloud, Agannazar's Scorcher and Horror. This is the only scroll of Spell Thrust in BGEE and Spell Thrust is not found in the original game.

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