Bane, also known as the Black Lord, is a lawful evil dead deity of strife, tyranny and hatred. 

He is part of the Dead Three alongside Myrkul, the Lord of the Dead, and Bhaal, the Lord of Murder.

Long ago the three of them dedicated each to a quest to attain divinity for themselves. They traveled to the citadel of Jergal who, luckily for them was tiring of his existence as lord of the end of everything. Breaking off his skeletal knucklebones after an argument over which of the three would rule over the other two, they were each thrown by the mortals to determine which of Jergal's portfolios they would receive. Bane won the game and was to choose first. He selected the sphere of tyranny, as he believed it will allow him to one day rule over his peers, Bhaal and Myrkul.

In recent times Bane and Myrkul stole the Tablets of Fate from Lord Ao and thus caused the Time of Troubles. All gods were cast down to Toril to retrieve the tablets, and Bane was no exception. During the time spent on Toril Bane was slain, but not before procuring an heir, Iyachtu Xvim. For Bane, much like Bhaal has foreseen his own demise and made plans to one day return through his own progeny. Shortly after the Time of Troubles, Xvim achieved godhood and ruled in his father's place.

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