There are five basic helmets which all offer the same bonuses and they are without magical properties, but they all look different. They all have a weight of 2 lbs and protect against critical hits. Bards, kensaimages, sorcerers and thieves can't wear helmets. The horned helmet is for sale at many shops, while the other helmets are worn by specific NPCs. The value of a helmet is between 1-5 gold pieces.


This class of open-face helmet made of reinforced leather or metal covers most of the head and neck. These helmets commonly provide protection for the nose.

Horned HelmetEdit

This helmet is for sale at many shops and is the only helm of the five basic ones that is sold at them. They are worn by hobgoblins and Black Talon mercenaries in general.

Flaming Fist Soldier Helmet (Great Helm)Edit

These helms are worn usually by Flaming Fist soldiers and the only way to obtain them is by killing them. These helmets look much like great helms, which were used during medieval and modern times.[1]

Amn Soldier HelmetEdit

This are commonly worn by soldiers of Amn, who are present in the Nashkel region.

Plumed Crest HelmetEdit

This helmet is worn by the Watchers in Candlekeep.

Winged Helm (Dwarven Helm)Edit

The only NPC who is found wearing this type of helmet is Kagain, who is found in Beregost. The Helmet of Glory also looks like this specific helm.

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