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Berrun Ghastkill
Berrun ghastkill
Ranger, Innocent
Name Berrun Ghastkill
Gender Male
Race Elf
Level 6
Alignment Chaotic Good
Hit points 36
XP value 300
Number of attacks 3/2
Racial enemy Ogre
Armor class
Base 10
Saving throws
Death 11
Wands 13
Poly 12
Breath 13
Spells 14
Strength 17
Dexterity 17
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 8 or 16
Morale 10
Breaking point 4
Recovery time 60
Area(s) Nashkel
Place(s) outside Temple of Helm
Studded leather icon Arrows icon Healing potion icon
Spear icon Long bow icon Gold icon
Items Studded Leather Armor, Arrows x20, Potion of Healing, Spear, Long Bow
Gold 958

Berrun Ghastkill is the Mayor of Nashkel. He is concerned for its economy and the safety of its people. You can find him on the road through town at the entrance to the Temple of Helm.

He gives you lots of information about the Nashkel Mines and completing Chapter 2.


In your JournalEdit

Speaking with Berrun completes the Speak to the Mayor of Nashkel task of the Important Events quest. That entry gets moved to the Done Quests section and is replaced in Quests by:

  • Triggered By: Speaking to Berrun
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Important Events
  • Entry Title: Visit the Nashkel Mines
  • Quest Begins:
    Berrun Ghastkill has informed me about the situation at the Nashkel mines. I should make my way there to investigate the source of its problems. It lies to the southeast of the town, and I should be able to arrive there quickly.
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