Berserk is an effect applied by some cursed items and a skill used by Minsc. It is similar to Barbarian Rage and the Enrage Skill.

It sends the character into an extremely enraged state that provides +2 Strength; +2 Dexterity; +15 HP but they become uncontrollable while the effect is active. A person in a berserker rage is as likely to attack friends as enemies and due to being blinded with rage and may be easy for opponents to outwit. Characters also receive some spell immunities:

They also become physically unstable and will lose 15 points of health on exiting the berserk state, which might kill a character with low health.

Berserk as a special abilityEdit

Minsc is the only character in-game that has Berserk as a special ability and can activate it at will for 120 seconds.

In addition Berserk activates automatically when:

In the abovementioned cases the duration of Berserk is only during the battle.

Berserk as a curseEdit

Two-handed Sword, Cursed Berserking +3 and Kiel's Morningstar are cursed with berserking. The berserk ability activates whenever the wearer enters combat and last for the combat's duration.

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