This is the list of most enemies found in Baldur's Gate series, along with XP and HP values.

Baldur's GateEdit

Ankheg97552Acid spit
Bandit, Black Talon24016Arrows of Ice
Basilisk, Greater700078Petrification
Basilisk, Lesser140045Petrification
Battle Horror400064
Bear, Black17525
Bear, Brown42041
Bear, Cave65050
Bear, Mountain90060
Carrion Crawler42022Paralyzation
Dog, Blink27032
Dog, War6517
Dog, Wild359
Doom Guard200064
Doomsayer400078Magic +to hit, magic resistance
Doppelganger, Greater400078Arcane spells, immune to sleep and charm
Doppelganger, Lesser42031Immune to sleep and charm
Ettercap65040Poison, sets traps
Flesh Golem200040Magic +to hit, magic resistance
Ghast65029Paralyzation, disease
Gibberling, Diseased354
Gnoll Elite6518
Gnoll Slasher6518
Gnoll Veteran6520
Gray Ooze12025
Green Slime6516Instant death
Hamadryad9509Charm person, dimension door
Helmed Horror200040
Hobgoblin Elite9516
Invisible Stalker300064Invisible, magic resistance
Kobold Commando357Arrows of Fire
Mustard Jelly200065Acid, magic resistance, causes slowness, magic weapons to hit
Nereid500032Instant death
Nymph200024Dimension door, priest spells, magic resistance
Ochre Jelly27041Acid
Ogre Berserker65040
Ogre Mage65039Mage spells
Phoenix Guard10035Explode into fireballs on dying, "resurrection"
Revenant300064Magic weapons to hit, immune to charm
Sirine200049Mage spells
Skeleton658Immune to mind control spells
Skeleton Warrior400084Magic weapons to hit, magic resistance
Spider, Giant45035Poison
Spider, Huge27018Poison
Spider, Phase140044Poison, teleportation
Spider, Sword200045
Spider, Wraith140027Poison
Wolf, Dire12533
Wolf, Dread65033
Wolf, Vampiric200050Paralyze, magic weapons to hit
Wolf, Winter97545Frost breath
Wolf, Worg12026
Wyvern140063Poison stinger
Wyvern, Baby45030Poison stinger

Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword CoastEdit

Air Aspect4000111Magic resistance
Ashirukuru200030Backstab, invisibility at will
Bear, Polar90066
Crypt Crawler42032Paralyzation
Demon Knight5000125Arcane spells, magic resistance
Fission Slime300065Acid, immune to weapons, only vulnerable to fire
Ghoul, Greater100049Paralyzation, disease
Sirine Queen600075Mage spells
Spider, Astral Phase400085Poison, teleportation
Succubus, Captive300050Mage spells, drain Dexterity and Constitution, can become Ethereal
Tanar'ri16000130Death gaze, Vampiric Touch, immune to non-magical weapons
Werewolf420-170035Immune to normal weapons
Werewolf, Greater420-220075Magic resistant, need special weapons to hit, regenerates
Wolfwere1400-180041Immune to normal weapons, magic resistance
Wolfwere, Greater800070Need special weapons to hit, magic resistance
Wyvern, Greater500092Poison stinger

Baldur's Gate IIEdit

Creature XP
A Air Aspect 4000
Ankheg 974
Ashirukuru 2000
B Banshee 4000
Basilisk, Greater 7000
Basilisk, Lesser 1400
Bat 1
Battle Horror 4000
Bear, Black 175
Bear, Brown 420
Bear, Cave 650
Bear, Grizzly 1150
Bear, Mountain 900
Bear, Polar 900
Beholder 9000
Bird 1
C Cambion 12000
Carrion Crawler 420
Cat 1
Cheetah 175
Chicken 1
Cow 1
D Death Tyrant 14000
Deer 65
Dog, Blink 270
Dog, War 65
Dog, Wild 35
Doppelganger 420
Doppelganger, Greater 4000
Djinni 5000
Drow 420
Dryad 975
Duergar 420
E Eagle 1
Elder Orb 14000
Elemental, Fire 6000
Ettercap 420
Ettin 5000
F Flind 120
G Gauth 9000
Ghast 650
Ghoul 175
Ghoul, Greater 1000
Ghoul Lord 3000
Giant, Fire 16000
Gibberling 35
Gibberling, Diseased 35
Githyanki 2000
Githyanki, Captain 2000
Gnoll 35
Gnoll, Chieftain 120
Gnoll, Elite 65
Gnoll, Slasher 65
Gnoll, Veteran 65
Goblin 20
Golem, Adamantite 25000
Golem, Bone 18000
Golem, Clay 8000
Golem, Flesh 2000
Golem, Iron 13000
Golem, Lesser Clay 2000
H Hamadryad 650
Helmed Horror 2000
Hive Mother 50000
Hobgoblin 35
Hobgoblin, Elite 95
Horse 1
I Invisible Stalker 3000
Imp 1400
J Jelly, Mustard 2000
Jelly, Ochre 270
K Kobold 7
Kobold Commando 35
L Leopard 270
Lich 22000
Lion 650
Lion, Spotted 975
Lizard Man 6000
Lizard Man, Captain 6000
Lizard Man, Shaman 9000
Lynx, Giant 175
M Mephit 420
Mind Flayer 9000
Minotaur 3000
Mimic, Killer 3000
Mist, Horror 3000
Mist, Poison 3500
Mist, Vampire 1000
Mountain Lion 270
Mummy 3000
Mummy, Greater 3000
N Nereid 5000
Nymph 1400
O Ogre 270
Ogre, Berserker 650
Half-Ogre 975
Ogre Mage 650
Ogrillon 175
Ooze, Gray 275
Orc 94
Orog 94
Otyugh 5000
P Panther 420
Q Quasit 2000
R Rat 1
S Salamander, Ice 3000
Slime, Green 64
Shadow 420
Shadow Fiend 2000
Sirine 2000
Sirine, Queen 6000
Skeleton 65
Skeleton Warrior 4000
Slime, Fission 3000
Slime, Green 65
Spider, Astral Phase 4000
Spider, Giant 450
Spider, Huge 270
Spider, Phase 1400
Spider, Sword 2000
Spider, Wraith 1400
Squirrel 1
T Tanar'ri 10000
Tasloi 35
Tiger, Wild 650
Troll 1400
Troll, Giant 1400
Troll, Ice 174
Troll, Sea 1400
Troll, Spectral 3500
Troll, Spirit 14000
U Umber Hulk 4000
V Vampire 8500
W Werewolf 420
Werewolf, Greater 9000
Wolf 65
Wolf, Dire 125
Wolf, Dread 650
Wolf, Vampiric 2000
Wolf, Winter 975
Wolf, Zombie 65
Wolfwere 1400
Wolfwere, Greater 8000
Worg 120
Wraith 2000
Wyvern 4000
Wyvern, Baby 450
Wyvern, Greater 5500
X Xvart 15
Y Yuan-ti 64
Yuan-ti, Greater 64
Yuan-ti, Mage 64
Z Zombie 64
Zombie, Sea 420
Zombie Lord 650

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