Bhaalspawn is the name given to all the children Bhaal sired years before the Time of Troubles with the purpose of fueling his resurrection. Bhaal had foreseen his own death during the Time of Troubles and, being unable to prevent it, he instead started planning his resurrection by creating armies of offspring, each carrying small amount of his divine essence. He also created the Mana Forge, in which the divine parts of his childrens' souls would be stored after their deaths.

List of BhaalspawnEdit

Baldur's GateEdit

Baldur's Gate IIEdit

Bhaalspawn offspringsEdit

There are two in-game children sired by Bhaalspawn; it is unknown if they possess any of the divine essences of their father:

  • Draconis
  • Son of Gorion's Ward and Aerie and not seen in game daughter
  • Son of Gorion's Ward and Viconia DeVir (not seen in-game)
  • Seven children of Gorion's Ward and Rasaad (not seen in-game)