The Black Blade of Disaster enables a wizard to create a black, blade-shaped planer rift about three feet long that acts as a +6 enchantment weapon.

The spell is a counterpart of the Blackrazor long sword with different specifics.


This spell enables the caster to create a black, blade-shaped planar rift about three feet long. It jumps into the caster's hand and is used as a normal sword, remaining there for the duration of the spell. The caster is considered to be proficient to the point of Grand Mastery in this weapon. The sword acts as a +5 +6 weapon and deals 2-24 damage to its victims. Also, every time it hits a target, the victim must make a Save vs. Death at +4 or be disintegrated. There is also a 10% chance with every hit that the sword drains 4 levels from the target and heals the wielder 20 Hit Points.

Gameplay Edit

  • Beware: If the victim is level-drained to equal or less than level 1, disintegrated, petrified, or frozen and shattered, there’s a good chance the above process will destroy some, if not all, of the non-plot items from their inventory.

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

Gameplay (community) Edit

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  • This weapon is extremely powerful. A Mage, Sorcerer, Dragon Disciple or Cleric / Mage being weak in melee combat can become as powerful as a Fighter. The Mage can cast Time Stop and summon afterwards this powerful weapon and kill The Winged within the Time Stop Period. Each hit is about 40 Damage Hit Points. Even Enegar, the Bhaalspawn in the Black Pits II, gets badly wounded by this sword that lasts for a long time - 22 rounds.--Gejadus (talkcontribs)