The Black Spider Figurine is a usable figurine in Baldur's Gate II.

It can be used once per day to summon a giant spider called Kitthix, which can be controlled by the holder of the figurine for 5 minutes or until slain. It takes a day before the item can be used once again. The spider's melee attacks are poisonous and it can use the Web Tangle ability, which may hold creatures for 2 rounds if their save fails.


Found in Pai'Na's lair in the Lower Tombs beneath the Athkatla Graveyard, from Pai'Na herself.


This black spider figurine fits in the palm of your hand. When the command word is spoken the figurine comes to life as a semi-intelligent spider called Kitthix . The spider will obey its master's commands for the duration of the spell or until slain. After five minutes, regardless of whether the spider lived or died, the figurine returns. It takes a day to recharge the figurine.