Black Talon Elite Mercenaries, or Blacktalon Elites as they're called in the Enhanced Edition, are essentially 'greater' Bandits encountered during Baldur's Gate, often found within the areas of Peldvale and Larswood. They are fairly well armored warriors who are particularly deadly at range with their Longbows, having multiple missiles at their disposal; Arrow of Ice, Arrow +1, and the common Arrow. They are a significant threat to lower level parties, particularly companions who aren't well-armored against missile/piercing attacks.

I'd rather we just skip the small talk and get right to the killin'.


They're far more deadly at range, and like to travel in groups; anywhere between 2-6. As such, the player would need to use a highly-armored melee fighter to rush the Elites as quickly as possible, forcing them to use their much-less-effective melee weapons. Alternatively, targeting the first spotted enemy with an area affect spell such as Fireball or Web is advisable, allowing the player's ranged companions to pick off any survivors ...while a spell like Entangle is ill-advised, as the Elites may continue shooting while the player's own melee fighters might get held up.