These boots appear in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition in Shadows of Amn.

These have perhaps the most useful cursed in the game as their curse effect of teleporting to an enemy every 12 seconds (2 rounds) is often considered advantages. This can be a great way to move in on enemy archers or spell casters (provided they can be seen) quickly from a distance if hiding in the shadows, invisible, or using spells such as Farsight. It can also allow a surrounded and trapped character to get out to the open.

When teleporting to an enemy the game will by default try to place you behind an enemy in sight, setting up a potential backstab for hidden characters. Each teleportation will also reset any enemy targeting forcing enemies to select a different target than the wearer if any are available.

Equipped abilities : Armor Class +2, Cursed

Combat abilities: Wearer phases to a random opponent every 2 rounds (when an enemy is in sight).

These boots and Boots of Avoidance are among the only boots that give a boost to AC or AC modifiers.

In-game descriptionEdit

This item is cursed and may only be removed with a remove curse spell. Whether by mistake or malicious purpose the creator of these boots enchanted them with dangerous magic. When worn the wearer is constantly teleported from opponent to opponent, until either the wearer or all opponents in sight are slain. However, due to the boots' ability to phase the wearer receives a +2 AC bonus.


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