Borda is a travelling vendor in the Xvart Village area west of Nashkel at 680, 1610. He will immediately approach the protagonist or their party and offer a few magical items for sale, through dialogue. You will be unable to sell him anything, and only be able to buy a single item, but be aware - the things he sells are all cursed. The alternatives are turning him down or try to rob him; the former ques his exit, while the later starts hostilities. You can steal he 5 times, you get the three items he is selling and web scroll (not cursed) + Color Spray scroll (not cursed).

For a tough fight, choose dialogue option 5. His death yields 900 xp, a Short Sword +1, various loot including his cursed merchandise, with pointedly no Reputation penalty, though be warned - he's a powerful spell-caster with a high magic resistance.


"Why, looky here. A finer bunch of adventurers, I don't think I've ever seen. Hmm, though from the looks of it, you don't seem to be that well equipped. Well, you're in a lot of luck, I can solve all of your problems. I have a huge collection of potions and scrolls, all for a cheap price. Right now I can give you a potion of extra healing for 25 gold, a scroll of protection from petrification for 25 gold, or a scroll of protection from magic for 100 gold. So what do ya say?"

  • 1. Sorry, but we're not really needing to stock up right now.
"You don't know what you're missing." (End - Flee)
  • 2. How about the potion of extra healing?...
"This potion can be a lifesaver, trust me." (End - Flee)
  • 3. The scroll of protection from petrification looks good.
"Great protection against basilisks. See you later." (End - Flee)
  • 4. Protection from magic! Say no more, we want that.
"This scroll is a dandy. If you ever find yourself in a battle against magic users, just read this one off, and you'll have no worries." (End - Flee)
  • 5. I don't think we really need to buy anything from you. You hand over all of your precious potions and scrolls, or we'll take them from you by force.
"Holy bloodthirsty! You guys obviously don't calm down often to think about things. Okay now, let me explain: I'm selling magic items for cheap. Therefore, I have easy access to said items. Therefore, you just called out the wrong guy." (End - Hostile)