Bottle of Wine is an item that appears twice in Baldur's Gate. The first appearance is in Landrin's Home and the second is in Durlag's Tower.

This particular Bottle of Wine is a quest item found in a chest in Landrin's home in Beregost.

This bottle of wine can be consumed infinite times without running out and without affecting the player or the quest.

In-game description

The label on this wine bottle reads "Marsember Blush––Fine Vintage" and claims to be a fruity blend of spices and dew-flower fragrances. The vineyards of Marsember are well-known for their firm grapes which draw their flavor from the fragrant salt air of the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Side questsEdit


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This particular Bottle of Wine is a quest item that is created using the grapes and winepress found in Labyrinth Level 1 of Durlag's Tower. It must be given to Love, one of four wards guarding the entrance to Labyrinth Level 2.

This bottle of wine cannot be consumed.


This wine was obtained after placing the eerily glowing grapes in the winepress and starting the engine. When you breathe deeply, memories of lost loves come rushing back and you find your eyes filling with tears.